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Thank you for your interest in Hidden Founders. We're sorry to announce that our previous batch was our last. The team has now moved onto a new adventure. Find out more here.

We wish you the best of luck!

Hidden Founders is a group of developers, product hackers, and startup enthusiasts, who build your Tech Product on a bootstrap-friendly payment plan.

Together with the other selected startups on the batch, you get to build your Minimum Viable Product with an experienced tech team on a tailored leasing contract. You can get started with a 14% down payment while the remaining sum is spread over 18 monthly installments. And since we wouldn’t want you to keep funding something once you’ve decided it’s not getting the traction you expected, you only commit to 6 months out of the 18 months.
To fully share the risk and the reward, we ask for a 3% stake in each startup.

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Startup Patterns

We’ve built Startup Patterns to provide busy founders with bite-sized Startup Lessons twice a week.

Startup Patterns

We’ve built Startup Patterns to provide busy founders with bite-sized Startup Lessons twice a week.


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Discover great movies at nearby theaters and get notified about new movie deals through location-aware push notifications.


Entertainment, Location based services

Colin Krieg
Arizona, USA


Sealed is a social app that enables close friends and family to exchange time delayed messages. The recipient is immediately notified of when the message will unlock, adding anticipation and excitement to the experience.


Instant Messaging

Alex Cantrell
Boston, MA


CountUp.io is a free platform for startups to find & work with licensed accountants online. Instead of hiring full time accountants or overpaying traditional ‘brick & mortar’ accounting firms - hire your own personal CPA for a flat monthly fee.


Marketplace - Business Services - Accounting

Nodar Janashia
New York, NY


OuiHelp is a leading home care provider leveraging technology to help families find & work with the best caregivers.


Health and Wellness - Marketplace

Pierre-Emmanuel Bercegeay
Paris, France


Finch is a tinder with a twist: it's a dating app where the user can't check others profile picture before matching. All what users can do initially is hear each others voice and swipe.


Online dating

Андрей Старостенко
Moscow, RU


Filz, the fashion loving child of Tinder and Instagram, is a platform for fashionistas who want to get feedback on their outfits from the community.


Social Media - Fashion

Kai Schmid
Geneva, Switzerland


Tipple provides venue suggestions for the best happy hours in your city based on price, drink offerings, overall vibe and customer experiences. Tipple is a real-time marketing platform that enables its partners to actively promote themselves and their specials to users in their area.


Lifestyle - Location based services

Josh Bareket
New York, NY


Non-partisan, political social network for average citizens, politicos and activists. FREAGLE provides the information & tools to connect voters and candidates around political issues and debates.


Social Media - Politics

Niki Papazoglakis
Baton Rouge, LA
Created with Sketch.


FanFeed is a mobile app for sports fan to connect around and highlight the best plays in recent games.


Video - Sports - Social Media

Connor Maher
San Francisco, CA