Frequently Asked Questions
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What is Hidden Founders?

Who do you work with?

How can I join your batch?

What happens after I submit my application?

What makes you different from a classic dev shop?

How come you take 3% equity and also get paid for the product?

Can I see what a deal looks like in numbers?

How come this model is possible ?

Would you be open to taking more equity to lower my costs?

Is it possible to see some products & founders from your previous batches?

What technologies do you use to build the products?

If I get accepted, who will be working on my product?

Anything else I should be aware of?

What are your criterias of selection?

Where are you based?

Do I need to be located in the same cities/countries? do you provide office space ?

How will we work together?

If my startup succeeds, would you be open to extend the collaboration after 18 months?

This Quality

Our references are startups with whom we enjoyed working in the past. We also have entreprise software experience that we will be happy to further discuss with you.

Where should we email you the file ?

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Request Deal Example

We used our previous batch projects to illustrate what an average deal looks like. Where can we email you the file?

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